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Halifax has witnessed two straight days of blue skies and double-digit-degree weather in early April – something is up. I can’t remember this sort of thing happening in the last couple of springs. Mind you, my concept of spring, which demands a daily rainstorm between March and June, has been seriously affected by a wedding I attended a couple of Mays ago when I swear to God it rained so much that Noah moored his ark in the harbour before going to the reception, but still, we have experienced rough couple of springs since then, so if entitled and justified to be cynical about le printemps in nova scotia.

I have been sitting in class lately listening to people speak about different connotations of the greek work katharsis (yes, they are that pretentious over there that I must use a k), all of which depend on which greek scholar you speak to, what it is he or she does when not being a greek scholar, how old they are, and how long ago they wrote what they thought. Now, I’m as academic as any other grad student in the arts, but i’m having a hard time keeping my interest up when I can actually see the sky now. there’s only so much “Dead Old White Men And Their Theories Which Are Often Pretty Good But We Don’t Want To Admit That Because We Otherwise Disagree With Their Politics” I can take in the early spring.

I love shadows. Shadows are awesome. I mean that. awesome. Shadows are awesome because they presuppose the existence and visibility of the sun. Without shadows, our world is just overcast. We’ve had that for three straight months, and I’m done with that business. Bring on the shadows.

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April 8, 2008 at 4:36 pm

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