rough notes

the good times have killed us.

i’d like to formally welcome myself back to the internet, and to all of you.

as some of you might recall, long ago i gave up on the concept of the personal blog. there were many reasons to do so, but i left mostly because i was overwhelmed by the simulacra of all my friends and colleagues, and of Real Life in this digital world. i had, and still have a hard enough time trying to keep straight everyone’s everyday performances, let alone what might be said or suggested online. anyway, that site has been completely locked down for some time now, save for one moving entry which is an excerpt from an excellent novel by the late W.G. Sebald.

clearly, though, i’ve returned. again, there are several reasons that have precipitated this. first, the popularity of spacebook has made the internet-world far more “accessible” to the “real” world – we’re all online now, it appears (save for jsg), and seem to not be concerned about how these digital personas affect our real selves and real relationships. (okay, so that has little bearing on things, but its still constantly on my mind.) second, the internet, and facebook especially, has recently “brought everyone together” online, but has also made all forms of relationships fairly relative. today, we all have people on our facebook “friends list” who we would rather not have there. that’s affecting my relationship with all of you. i’m withholding information and stories i’d like to share, because one of our dominant mediums and forms of communication has become overridden by voices and ears we don’t always want to be part of the conversation. and finally, i’ve spent too long at school, and miss you all very much.

anyway, hopefully you’ll come back from time to time. i hope you do. but i won’t be offended if you don’t. partly because i bailed on a lot of you long ago, but mostly because i’d still rather have all these conversations in person.

Written by mitchellirons

March 16, 2008 at 5:29 pm

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