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Ernie Fage still a member of Nova Scotia Tories?

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Three weeks after his trial and conviction, it would appear that Ernie Fage is still a member of government caucus in Nova Scotia. Most Nova Scotians are well aware of the MLA’s blunders at The Old Triangle Pub on November 24 of 2006, where the former provincial cabinet member drank too much, drove home too drunk,and was caught on camera in his inebriated state.

On Tuesday, December 18th, 2007, Fage was convicted of leaving the scene of an accident (sadly, no word on the drunk driving). Fage claimed that the photographer was threatening him, but as the footage below shows, the camera man was passive in his actions, direct in his words, but in no way acting violent or untoward.

(Not long after Fage was convicted of the offense, Premier Rodney MacDonald booted him from caucus and the party – see a quick summary of events here at the CBC.)

Yet, the PC Party of Nova Scotia has continued to list Mr. Fage as a member of their caucus on their website. Any discerning citizen can surf to it and learn all about MLA Fage (he remains a lawfully sitting member of the house), such as his educational history (B.Sc Chem., NSAC) , his community involvement in Cumberland North (Fort Lawrence Heritage Association), and even the church he attends (Trinity St. Stephens United), all under the colours and image of the Nova Scotia Tories.

Egg on your face, yet again, Premier MacDonald?

You are commodified.

Written by mitchellirons

January 3, 2008 at 10:43 am

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