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Closing up shop.

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(The fact that I’ve had to re-write this post several times in order to not give offense to anyone is interesting. Its ties in too well)

I’m “defriending” you. I’m defriending all of you. But you’re still my friends.

I’m not comfortable with live journal. I never have been. Now that its more of a soap opera than ever before, I really want to disassociate myself from it. It does serve a bit of an academic purpose though – I often use the “memories” function to jot down websites and quotations I run across at the library, so I’m unwilling to completely trash the account.

All posts from now on will be private. I will be turning all former posts to private posts. If anyone has a copy of hidejournal, perhaps you could pass it on? The website has been down for the past couple days, so I must turn everything private one by one. (With hidejournal, I can make everything “friends only ” in one fell swoop, therefore effectively turning them “private” as my account will not have any listed friends.)

don’t be offended. I’m simply closing up shop.

If you’re my friend in real life, then you’re still my friend. See you in the real world.

– Mitch.

(edit: yes, the plan is to eventualy migrate those posts/webpages in the memories to another service. something like a “onenote” that is webbased would be rock’n’roll. I’ll likely purge that mitchellirons account if ever I find such a (free) service.)

Written by mitchellirons

January 13, 2005 at 6:53 pm

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