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Hello. Its been a harrowing week, a long walk in the wilderness:

Friday October 4 Day Spent in class and the library, preparing for the approaching storm clouds. Evening Spent at Allie’s, throwing a little goodbye party for Mark and Audra, who were going west to marry.

Saturday October 5 Opened the restauarent for 6, left around 4:30. Slept until about 7. Did homework until 9. Hung out at The Gerkins’ until about midnight for their goodbye party for Joyce, who was running away to the land of the neverending day (or night, depending on the time of year.)

Sunday October 6 Awake at 7, clean the house a bit, do some reading. Lounge until around noon, when Joyce departs for Cape Breton before moving to the NWT. In the library until about 6:30, doing schoolwork, concentrating on my godforsaken french coursework, and, working on the Milton essay for Bible, which is a lot more fun. Back to work at home around 7, to nail down Chapitre Sept for the godforsaken french test and to prep for the SciFi midterm. In bed around 11.

Monday October 7 Up around 5:30. French at 8:30. Didn’t do too well. Bible and Lit at 10:00. More talk about old testatment old-man sex. For some reason, my version of Michael by William Wordsworth differs from everyone else’s. lunch at 11:30 – off to library to study. SciFi midterm at 1:00. Aced it. Epic at 2:30. Didn’t do any of the readings, so I winged it. Argued with the entire class that they don’t give Nestor his due respect. No one likes me in the class, and I don’t give two shits, so I consistently take on the entire class on whatever the argument of the day might be. VOP! VOP! VOP! Home around 4:30. Dinner over by 6:00. Start to work some more on the Milton essay and prime myself for the French Dictation. Skipped out on some really cool movie to question negative capability and the Son at his entrance in Bk 7. In Bed around 11.

Tueday October 8 Up at 5:30, to start work on Dictation. Realize at 9AM I’m FUCKED. totally and completely spasing out by 10, since I don’t have what I need to get on with the test, and yet must still work on other tests and midterms, and go to work. Noon, meet up with the wife, who promptly slaps me in the faces, shakes my shoulders, and yells, “Snap out of it, man!” I was the Archie to her Horatio for a couple moments there. We go to speak with the French prof about the issue. Turns out I do have the materials to get the work done, but I as I CAN’T UNDERSTAND A THING BEING SAID, I didn’t have a clue it would “be alright.” Whatever. Listen to the labwork on repeat until 3. At work at 3:30. Home from work around 1AM. Chat it up with iWill for a nice hour or so. Listen to more french for an hour. Asleep by 2:30. I might have forgotten to brush my teeth.

Wednesday October 9 Alarm buzzes for regular 5:30, out of bed around 6:30. Reads Exiodus for Bible. One more listening session for Dictee, and then the French Lab test at 8:30. Shits. Bible and Lit at 10:00. Lunch at 11:30. Skip out on SciFi at 1:00 so I can finally study for Epic Midterm, due to be written at 2:30. I aced it. Home, and dinner over by 6. Back to the grind on Milton. I am now speaking in epic blank verse. I ask the wife how she liked a dvd she was watching, but it came out as a question about comparing representations of darkness in one text versus another. Drink more caffeine. Field a long drawn out phone call with mom at 11. In bed by 1.

Thursday October 10 Up at 5:30, Take a break to enjoy the morning. Start Milton again by 8. I notice at this point that the demons in my printer sound like the rapture (Yes, I know the simile doesn’t quite work. sod off already, this is my tale.) Essay done around 1:30. Proofed at 2:45. Showered at 3. Printed at 3:30. Submitted at 3:45, 15 minutes under the wire. I sit down in the chair in the prof’s office, look into his corncerned eyes, and breathe a thousand breaths, for the first time that week. 4PM, meet up with Denny, my Korean ESL student. (I tutor the guy.) I meet his best friend, Benny, also from Korea. We chat for an hour and tell dirty jokes in different tongues. Home at 5:30. Gives The Gillis some birthday beer. 6:30, I watch my wife go to a sneak preview of another cool movie, this time with the Gerkins. I go back to the office and re-read Books 4-6 of the Aeneid (The Dido and Underworld sequences, for the most part.). Finished at 9:30. About to crash at 10. 10:30, New Neighbour Mike drops by so he can pick up Audra’s wedding shawl, which my wife is trying to finish. We give him some beer we he waits, but I have to abstain since I’m already washed, and can’t let my brain go fuzzy yet. In bed around 1.

Friday October 11 (today) Alarm buzzes at 5:30, I’m up at 6. I need to finish the Aeneid “response” (almost an essay, but not quite – more like Hart House Debates, which is actually great for style. Unburdened by traditional stylistic rules of the essay, I can add a little more flourish in all these papers – one every week. Proper quotations and citations to back up arguments are still required, btw. I like the concept – a paper every week. If I was a prof, I’d consider employing this method to keep term word counts in order) for class at ten. Finished just after 9. Its shoddy work, likely no better than a B+, but given the week I’ll be satisfied with that. Go to class. Write another test. Hand in the paper. Discuss and argue with all the Pretense, Pomp and Circumstance I have. I Am The King Shit. Over at 12:30, I meet the wife for lunch. We luncheon. Home at 1:30. More Ikea bullshit to deal with. One “service order” has finally been rectified from last March (they’re going to credit my credit card), while the one from August is due to arrive TOMORROW! Wicked. 3:00, drop off the rental insurance which is -oops- going on a month overdue. 3:30, pick up some wicked new and old DVDs and books from the library to keep me happy through the weekend. 6PM, meet the wife, we buy Thank You Cards for the wedding. They are due to be mailed Tuesday. 6:30, we eat A Real Shitty Dinner. 7PM, we pick up groceries. 8:30, I start laundry for work tomorrow morning at 6AM. Its 10:30 now, I’ll be in bed by 11.

Due For Saturday: – work at 6 – 4. Management Meeting will put back my afternoon by a couple hours. Hopefully Ikea will be in my living room when I get in, so I can assemble. Proposal on the table for drinkers at the bitter end with the Walkers at 10.

Due For Sunday Michael Enright and coffee in the morning, maybe a little Corrie. Some movie watching, some book reading, and some roast beef eatin’.


Written by mitchellirons

October 9, 2004 at 4:21 am

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