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Alright, dudes, the Big Question of the day is bundling.

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Alright, dudes, the Big Question of the day is bundling.

We’re moving on Canada Day, and I’m arranging the disconnect/reconnects with the various utilities. And now, I’ve come to a dilemma. Should bundle the basic cable with the phone and the internet service (through Eastlink Cable), and continue to pay what we are paying now, more or less, but now receive ALL the fucking channels (mmmm…. History, A&E, Showcase, Bravo, and CNN for good measure), or should we stick it out with the phone company and switch plans to pay less for what we have now?

It comes down to this: What do you value more? The pleasant conversations with your friends who live a very long distance away, or, TELEVISION, the altar of the consumerist Gods?




(I can hear the little trolls at Global Television and Fox News chanting now, telling me to buy more, eat more, spend more, drink more, watch more, work more, live less.)


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June 9, 2004 at 7:00 pm

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