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Why I get along so well with my partner

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Here’s a recent example to show why I get along so well with my partner. Expectations can simply be lowered when you’re both shallow.

From: Mitchell Irons
Date: 2004/04/16 Fri PM 01:07:46 EST
To: Mitch’s Sparkling Piece of Eurotrash
Subject: Re: Re: Spring Time Blahs

Of course it would help, because we’re petty and materialistic, so buying stuff at IKEA will always cheer us up! Look at POANG! Its the greatest thing to happen to our apartment since LACK and HOPEN!

(Or maybe we should cleanse our system of this stuff and watch Fight Club instead.)

> From: Mitch’s Sparkling Piece of Eurotrash
> Date: 2004/04/16 Fri PM 12:13:05 EST
> To: Mitchell Irons
> Subject: Re: Spring Time Blahs
> Hanging out. That would be good.
> I don’t know what’s up. It sort of hit last night. Which is why I bought the
> big red tote bag yesterday. I needed something new and bright.
> Maybe you’re right about ikea. Maybe it would help to have that stuff.
> I’ve got a massage tonight. That’ll perk me up a little.
> On 4/16/04 11:56 am, Mitchell Irons
> wrote:
> > Hey you. Why so glum, chum? Look, come hang out with me this weekend. I work Saturday until 4PM, and
> > have a run after that.
> > But I’ll be free after 6 o’clock, okay?
> >
> >
> >


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April 16, 2004 at 9:42 pm

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