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How I feel on the inside.

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I’m wearing a t-shirt that my sister, Helen, made for me. It was part birthday gift, part christmas present, but mostly a “thinking of you and your [pop music] schooling” gift. Its a basic black t-shirt, with the phrase “how I feel on the inside” painted on the front. Fifteen gold stars to those who figure it out.

Anyhow, I’m wearing the t-shirt today in honour of Hel’s dog, Dreyfus. Dreyf is an old black lab, and is the direct reason why I love labs. He’s big, slobbery, curious, messy and mischievious. He loves his dog food, but loves your meal even more. Dreyf likes to go on walks like any other dog, but likes it even more when the turning point is a pond he can jump into (and nearly pull you in at the same time, too.) Dreyf likes other animals, but finds squirrels the tastiest. He also is big into landscaping, especially tearing up the recently planted apple sapling and rose bushes. He also likes to sneak out for a bit to help direct traffic at the dairy queen drive-thru, especially when he’s tipped with sundaes that little children drop.

Dreyfus has got a large bark. He likes to bound up and down the stairs. But he’s just happy to know some one is coming home, because if that person doesn’t have a treat for him, he will at the very least be able to clean up the mess Dreyf made when he opened up the fridge and ate the cheese. You see, Dreyf knows that as soon as the food is cleaned up, some dog food will end up in his own bowl. Or at the very least, some cat food in the cats’ dishes, and that will suffice for Dreyf.

Dreyfus is afraid of thunder storms and will let you know they’re coming when they’re miles off, so we can all prepare for them. Like any loyal dog, he likes to sleep close by to you. Sometimes right beside you in bed, curled up under the covers, hogging the pillow and nearly pushing you off the bed. He’s smart this way, because he’ll know the time when you wake up, so he can eat your breakfast as soon as possible.

Dreyfus has cancer and is being put down today, so I’m wearing this t-shirt to let people know how I feel without having to tell them.

Right about now (9:00AM EST), Dreyf’s on his last car ride. Its just as well he has a final car ride, given his love for cars, but moreso because of his weak legs now. Dreyf is smart though. Knowing the situation he’s in, Dreyf decided he’d try to beat the cancer. He decided in fact to try some chemotherapy, and began to eat batteries. It was a novel idea from a determined fellow, for sure, but unfortunately the chemo wasn’t much help; there were neither positive or negative results. With the exception of the procedure itself, I imagine things will be rather uneventful, because Dreyf loves everything and everyone. Mayby the vet will even have a treat to give him before its time to go to sleep, too.

Dreyfus was adopted in Brighton, Ontario, and retired in Stratford, Ontario. He will be remembered by friends and family the world over, but none moreso than Sharon, Laura and Helen. But especially Davey. Dreyf was around thirteen years old. We think.


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March 16, 2004 at 6:26 pm

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