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So many things to report….

1. The Great Consolidation is complete. My 2.14GB of The Greatest MitchP3s ever have finally been ported over to the iMac, affectionaly known as FatCat, or sometimes, Gerry. Now I will rarely have to worry about poorly constructed iTunes Random Playlists, as sooner or later, some Eminem, Monster Magnet, Yoko Ono, Neil Young, Radiohead or Richie Havens will come back to set things straight.

2. I never caught the flu. But did stub my toe pretty bad at one point, and then after a run, it swelled up, and I had to pop a blister to let some pus ooze out. But I’m okay now.

3. The Christmas Break was a blast. Its been a long time since I actually had what felt like a genuine Christmas holiday. Some pretty wicked gifts were sent (well, some were sent, some are still sitting around, waiting for me to get off my ass and head to the P.O.) and received, and Hearty Fun was imbibed everywhere.

4. My struggle with coffee is over. I have come to terms with my new existence – a coffee lover. Not any of those speciality Second Cup concoctions, but regular coffee. Sweet. I drink it all the time now, to the point where I wil gladly shun liquor for some coffee instead. It might be another sign of aging, but I’m comfortable with it. And damn, I love caffeine shakes . (That is, the jitters one gets from drinking way too much caffeine.)

5. Some day this year, I want to take part in pulling down a barn.

6. I’ve bought cable. I miss HNIC and The National. I also miss A&E, but refuse to pay for it.

7. Its damn cold outside today. I tried going for a run, but it was a far too bitter cold for my shell wear. I think I could have used a thicker toque, better gloves, and definitely a second layer on my legs (I was running with a middle fleece layer under my jacket, so my top was fine.) And socks, too. I’m not about to head out and spend a fortune again, though.

8. I’ve pretty much decided against running the HFX Marathon, but not for a lack of fitness. I’m relatively fit as it is, and it is five months away, but, training is a five-six day a week venture, with really long runs (say, 2hours at a time, and progressively longer) once a week. In short, it will be a rather time-consuming venture, and the ever-changing schedule I have at work will make it difficult to keep up such a regimen. I might run the 10K, definitely at least the 5K, but for now, I’ll reserve Marathons for a time when I lead a normal life again. The last time I trained everyday for such great lengths of time, I was not working, and could afford to give up so much of my day. (Just don’t ask me what I do with my time now.)

9. This time of year if Giftmas Time for Mitch. After Christmas (sometimes known as Mitchmas), I sometimes forget which recent gifts I received for Christmas or for my birthday (sometimes also known as Mitchmas, or by the secularized name of Mitchday). One particular gift I received, I think it was for Mitchmas The Second, was a Little Black Book. The Better Half gave it to me. At first I wondered why she would give me a book to record the phone numbers of women I meet, but then I realized I had missed its intent altogether, and saw it for its real purpose – as tools in which to write with. I used to write a lot, and The Better Half does a lot of writing as it is already, so i’ve started to write and make notes and collect thoughts and interesting tidbits once more. Between the coffee houses and the little black book, I’m becoming a real poseur.

9. Another Mitchmas gift was a personalized collection of sonnets from a friend. It was a rather endearing gift, and love it very much. It drives me, in fact, to put up the final fifteen or so sonnets I never did post. (A short trip to Ontario got in the way.) Thanks again, adoring LJ fans. I’m going to put it on my mantle, between my Oscar, Nobel Prize medal and Giller quill.

10. In the midst of re-organizing/-decorating, I came across a shitload of my old B&W prints. It was a rather bittersweet moment. I’m quite proud of the work I did, but am disappointed in myself for never keeping it up. Leaving the t-dot had a lot to do with it, as Supplies were so cheap and Dark Rooms were plentiful, but my state of mind at the time was much to blame. One of the reasons why I have chosen to not do the marathon is to hopefully find time for the B&Ws again. It makes me feel artsy, and more important, a contributor. Really now, if I can create meaningful, thought-provoking images out of pulp and hazardous chemicals, then it must be a good thing.

11. Over Mitchmas, I acquired some Holly. I have since put it in a Matrix Revolutions popcorn bucket, and affectionately (and appropriately, I might add) named it Mr. Anderson. When it blooms, he will be known as Neo.

12. LOTR: Fuck, yea. Sweet.

13. Am I supposed to feel Urban again if I drink a Metro Cosmo? Christ, what people will do for a buzz….

14. I managed to catch the new Horatio Hornblower movies over Christmas, and loved every minute of it. Friends, companions and associates must now put up with too much sea-talk from me now. This is on top of my always-present love of pirates. I’ve been talkin’ pirate for years now. but its never a pretty sight when PirateMitch meets RN.Mitch.

15. With so many people out there posting their thoughts on recently-read books, I think it would be proper to mention , a community for booklovers. Its a nice little forum, but traffic can be heavy. Right now, its pages are filled with people bragging aboug the large number of multi-volume works they claim to have read last year, but I think in a week or two things will get back to normal.

16. Too many people I know are getting hitched nowadays. Its way too creepy. For some one who has always tried to keep apart from such social conventions, I find myself smack dab in the middle of it now, and every now again have a hard time about it. (Funny how I write this whilst listening to a U2 cover of Unchained Melody.)

17. Its a hard life livin’ a lie. That’s what Chris Murphy of Sloan sings, and he should know, too. That guy’s an ass. If I think I see anyone from Sloan (which one can do from time to time here in HFX, though they spend most of their days in T-Dot now), I call him Chris Murphy. They’re all wankers. And their look-alike fans, too.

18. Finally, can some one point me in the direction of some nice Lit.Theory based communities, LJ or not? The theory sites I have been subscribed to are nice and all, but don’t have much in the way of discussion. People seem to introduce themselves, and then disappear. I need more than that.



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January 8, 2004 at 9:12 pm

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