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Denizens of Nova Scotia are (re-)electing MLAs today. If an MP or MPP is a Parliamentarian, is an MLA an Assemblor? It is piss-pouring rain outside, which killed my Noble Act of Citizenry. I had planned to vote, and then move towards a local restuarant for a wicked breakfast where I could sit back and a write a tome about voter apathy over an infinite amount of coffee. Instead, you have to suffer through this entry. Ballots will be cast, instead, when some campaigner drives over to pick my lazy ass up off this chair.

I find it curious how it is that elections and the act of voting has become celebrated as the ultimate outward form of democracy. Maybe its because I’m a while man, employed, comfortably lower-middle-class and educated, but “exercising my democratic right” has always been for me a part of a “process” that doesn’t require celebration or reflection on how Great it is to live in a Free and Just Nation. Of course, having had the vote since the 19th or 17th century (depending on what income bracket you would consider me to be, whatwith bracket creep and all), its something I can take for granted, and happily do.

Yes, voting does have its purposes, and great purposes they are, but I’ve always been a bigger fan of more “communal” outward forms democratic exercise. [mmmm…. pretense.] Its gotta be the union upbringing, but I’ve always loved the picket and the protest. I don’t mean piddly chants outside a city hall or parades more about show than about substance, nor do I mean the pickets that at best impede pedestrian traffic into a building. I like the parades that have a big message as much as it does a big float; I like the protests that camp out in a public space for a month to show committment to a cause, I like the pickets actually stops the production line at the plant, rather than reducing its capacity.

If I studied political science or sociology, I could analsye my statement, put it under a microscope, extract its DNA, and then come to a conclusion that such feelings are a result of the growing strength of corporatism and globalization at the expense to traditional nation states. Hell, a token parliamentarian thrown to me in Edinburgh means little when the lads and lords in London are ceding all their power to Brussels. Yes, the hoi polloi these days need more than a ballot box to ensure their voices are heard. They need to scream out loud simply to get the Big Powers’ attention, before one will even listen. Political parties at best offer platform choices, but the people nowadays want to create their own choices and more forward. Or some tripe like that.

But I don’t study political science or sociology. So enough with my ignorance already.

In other news, I’m sick and tried of Kalle Lasn and Adbusters. Fuck them. I’ve been pissed with them for about a year now. I think I’m going to do my own sort of culture jamming, and buy all the local Adbusters before others can buy them. Then I can throw out the trash. Who the hell does this man think he is? Asshole. Kalle does have a point in that we’ve been duped for too long now by media and big business, etc. Yes, we must wipe the slate clean, and start to think for ourselves. Sure, stop buying corporate, go local. Think for yourself, not what Newsweek says is right and proper. But Kalle, you’ve gotta stop there. The minute you started to suggest to us **what** to think on top of **how** to think, you joined the dark side. Idiot. You became one of them. Just because your message comes from the left, is eco-friendly and inclusive, does not mean you have a right to ram it down my throat just as AOL Time Warner Vivendi Universal Disney GE Inc. does with their own corporatist agenda. Your cast-iron chains are just as restrictive as theirs, and I won’t have any of yours, either. I’ll think what I want, thank you. Now go away.

I’ve been downloading Bowie all morning. I’m only dancing.

We’ll be moving in three weeks. Finally, from out of our hole and into the daylight again. I’m morphng from a troll into a properly evolved biped without rickets. I look forward to the sunlight and the luscious Vitamin D that will metabolise in my skin. Sure, its not the brightest apartment, but its still going to be brighter than what I have now. Oh, its got shelf space in the kitchen, too. I look forward to over-stocking my cupboards with endless non-perishables that I’ll never eat. Oh, and a window in the bathroom! Let the succulents grow. There’s nothing like a good succulent in the bathroom to brighten things up. Goddamn its great being domesticated when you buy into the programme.

I’m nearing the 1/3 mark with the sonnets. Does anyone read them? Sod off if you don’t. Or if you do, for that matter. I have begun to think about what my next project might be, and am open to suggestions. My first thought was to transcribe daily entries from Plato or Homer, but right now, I’m thinking of Milton or Spenser. Let me know if you have any ideas or requests.

And finally, Venus Pizza is looking great after their renovations. And their deluxe pizza slices are tasting much butter than how I remember them in the winter time, drunk at Pogue Fado before it became cool. Man I hate that bar.

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August 5, 2003 at 8:07 pm

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