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News, what news?

Greetings all. Its time for the weekly press release from


There are major changes afoot (sigh… again) with the management structure at the workplace, and I’m not down with the added responsibility The Emperor and Darth Vader…. aham, the owner and the VP Operations… are prepared to saddle upon the likes of “middle management” like myself. I took the gig I have precisely because it is middle management: A couple extra perks, without any large responsibilities or headaches to worry about. I’m making a stand, but am prepared to flee to Dagobah if need be.


The cats are feral, the renovators give me a wake-up call every morning around 8, and my plants are dying. Some plus sides, however, are that the recently acquired George Foreman Grill has kept my diet tasty and meat-rich as of late; and the cats are feral. I figure in about a month’s time, I’ll have to start preparations for The Next Move, which is up the road and out of the basement, which will be quite nice for my knees. We intend to keep the cats and the George Foreman Grill, but leave the renovators behind.


I latch on to others, observe actions, listen to conversations and then pass judgement on them all.

“Personal Growth”

The Summer Solstice Resolution (well, it was close enough to it) to type up all of Shakes’ Sonnets has done wonders for my desire to read, and obviously, my reading capacity. I’m already nearing the 10%-mark, and am looking forward to what the autumn might bring for new transcriptions. My initial thoughts were to type up some classical work: some Homer, Virgil, Plato, etc., but that would be a huge leap in size, so I might downgrade to the Song of Roland, which I have never read in its entirety.

Particular readers of this journal (you know who you are, and thank you very much for the links) have pointed me in the direction of several journals written in Latin, to much delight. Between the sonnets and conversations with MA Steve and PIMS Tom at work (Steve – entering a Classics MA this September, Tom, lucky enough to have seen the inner sanctum of the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies at UofT), I have given serious thought to brushing up on my Latin again. It might be my next quest/goal/journey/roadmap to peace. In the meantime, check out [info]beluosus for some serious conjugating and declining. hic haec hoc that one on for size….

Finally, I received back a grade on a paper I submitted in a correspondance course I’m enrolled in. The low grade (B-) floored me and destroyed my pysche for two or three days. I’m still rather depressed about it and am actually surprised I have the wherewithal to mention it at all. I still feel stupid, common, and pathetic because of it. I feel myself about to go full-throttle anal-retentive-work-so-much-on-the-next-p

aper-the-stress-will-give-you-ulcers mode for the paper.

Pop Kulture, Common Tripe, books and the CBC.

I just finished watching the Hitler! mini-series on History Television. This has been a lot of nazi historical-fiction for me as of late. Two weeks ago, it was another mini-series on History Television called something like “The Evil Bastards in the SS.” (Well come on, they really were.) But then again, History Television loves Nazis, they must make for good ratings or something. I might also keep up with the Look Out! Because Aliens Really Are Amoung Us And Are Taking Us In The Middle Of The Night! mini-series on the CBC, hosted by the out of work Smoking Man from the X-Files. Now that I come to think of it, the aliens in the first episode dressed up as Nazis, too…

Due to a severe lack of funds, I still have not bought the new Radiohead, the Wilco DVD, the Godspeed! albums I promised to last march, the three-disc Bob Dylan primer I wanted to at Christmas, the most recent Beck (Sea Changes), that wicked three disc set of Gregorian Chant at the HMV, the new Lemon Jelly, Underworld or The New Deal. Further I still have not bought the second-hand Shorter OED, Riverside Chaucer, or signed copy of M.Kundera’s Laughable Loves at J.W.D. Then again, I still have a USD$60 credit at to use.

(And I never got around to that Globe and Mail subscription I wanted to renew from two years ago, let alone subscribing to The Times Literary Supplement.)

Flotsam and Jetsam

There has been much tech support as of late for the Mac, which has been “happy” in a purely Apple. Inc. sort of way, but clearly still in a snit if it was manufactured by any other company. The good news however, is that we now run OS-X (I confess to willingly whispering “ox” instead, in some freaky dyslexic sort of way). Further, I’m currently downloading Civ3 for an OS-X environment, due to the great file leeching capabilities of the bastard child of FTP, IRC and P2P: Carracho. Love it, Love it. I must admit, however, that I worry how the outcome of this news will affect “Personal Growth” (see above).



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June 23, 2003 at 8:05 am

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