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A Poem from Chapter O (For Yoko Ono), of Eunoia, by Christian Bok.

Monks who vow to do God’s work go forth from don-
jons of monkhood to show flocks lost to God how
God’s word brooks no crooks who plot to do wrong.
Folks who go to Sodom kowtow to Moloch,so God
drops H-bombs of horror onto poor townsfolk, most
of whom mock Mormon proofs of godhood. Folks
who do not follow God’s norms word for word woo
God’s scorn, for God frowns on fools who do not con-
form to orthodox protocol. Whoso honors no cross of
dolors nor crown of thorns doth go on, forsooth,
to sow worlds of sorrow. Lo! No song of Solomon
comforts Job or Lot, both of whom know for
whom gongs of doom doth toll. Oh, mondo doloroso.


Written by mitchellirons

June 20, 2003 at 5:20 pm

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