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I found myself with a few extra minutes before work yesterday, and for once, decided to be (semi-)productive with them. In those moments, I decided to make a quick catalogue of the GLISH-HC. That is to say, the Great Library of the Imperial Society of History – Halifax Campus. (Don’t fret if you are not yet a Knight Errant of the ISH. Direct all queries for admission to and residence in the ISH to The Chancery.) I then took the catalogue and divided it into three separate categories – Read, Unread, and Partial reads.

I was shocked at the large number of partial reads at the Halifax Campus, regardless of the high proportion of school texts in the column, and have resolved to fix that problem. Many of the Unreads will remain Unreads for a very long time – either by my resolve to remedy the Partials list, or simply by a lack of will. The Unreads are filled with many Recent Acquisitions of the past year, and remain noted in the catalogue as the Enna Collection. I have no desire to read any more Jane Austen beyond the one text I did in 1st year. The same can be said for “I Know this much is true,” by Wally Lamb. At some point, however, I will break into DeLillo’s Underworld, which I own in hardcover, but have never cracked open.

The GLISH is currently stored at three sites – here at the 1353 in Halifax; at the Vanier Archives in St. Catharines,; and in the Presidential Collection in Toronto. The Vanier Archives are due to be shut down in the coming fall, and will make its way the Halifax Campus to be re-compiled with the rest of the Chancery Library collection. The Presidential Collection will remain in Toronto for the coming year, but might make a move to Providence, RI, or Amsterdam, dependent on particular travel schedules and residency requirements for that office. The Full ISH Collection was intended to be catalogued into the CHILD (Casa History Internet Library Database) in 2000, but that project has for now been placed on Perpetual Hold.

Here now, for your perusal, is the GLISH-HC Catalogue. Texts are not listed in any particular order, and often without authors – I already know who wrote the books. If you don’t want to read the list, or think I should have LJ-Cut it, well then Scroll Down. This is my soapbox, and in true ISH grandeur, tradition and pretension, I’ll yell as much as I want. Its your choice to listen, and your decision matters little.

Eminent Canadians
Lord of the Flies
A Fine Balance
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
I Know This Much is True
Jane Austen, a Biography (b/ Carol Shields)
King Death
Crime and Punishment
The Little House in the Big Woods
Riding in Cars With Boys
Best USA Sports Writing
Patterns in the Mind
Zorba the Greek
Don Juan (L. Byron)
10 Days That Shook The World
Fight Club
Life After God
The Second Sex
The Steven Truscott Story
Emily’s Quest (I Hate CDN Children’s Lit.)
Anne of Windy Poplars (I especially Hate Anne of… Children’s Lit.)
The Life of Margaret Laurence
Nights on Prospect Street
A History of Russia
The CP Rulebook
Rene Levesque: Memoirs
Better Living (B/ Mark Kingwell)
Moll Flanders:….
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
The Last Spike (b/ P. Burton)
Travels b/ Marco Polo
Of Mice and Men
Dracula (Stoker)
The Poisonwood Bible
Wuthering Heights
The Masked Rider
To Kill a Mocking Bird
A Separate Peace
The Robber Bride
Jane Eyre
Tale of Two Cities
No New Land
Tales From Firozsha Baag
Cape Breton Road
Be Cool
Why The Allies Won
The French Revolution
The Wars
Mansfield Park

Princeton Readings in Political Thought
A Guide to Old English
Philosophy in the Middle Ages (Hyman and Walsh, Other…)
Cambridge Companion to Milton
Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained
Outbreak of World War One
The Norton Shakespeare (I’ve read too many plays to count, and a few sonnets)
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
On Liberty and Utilitarianism (b. J.S. Mill)
English Passengers
Rights of Man (Paine)
Confessions of an English Opium Eater
The Origin of the Species
The Complete Works of Plato. ..
The Early History of Rome b/ Livy (I’ve read up to Bk.9)
The Wealthy Barber
Gulliver’s Travels
The Harvard Dictionary of Music
The European Reformation
Cambridge Companion to Old English
Dreams of Millenium
Early Medieval Europe: 300-1100
Wheelock’s Latin
You Shall Know Us By Our Velocity
Shakespeare: Invention of the Human
The First World War (b/ Keegan)
Sense and Sensibility (The First three pages only.)
The English Epic and its Background
The Aeneid
Dialogue Concern the Two ChiefWorld Systems (b/ Galileo)
Everyman and other Medieval Miracle Plays
The Crisis of Church and State 1100-1350
Greek Tragedies Complete (Richmond and Lattimore)
Naked Masks (Pirendello)
Literary Criticism: The Major Texts
The Fearie Queene

The Professor and the Madman
Girlfriend in a Coma
The Prince & The Discourses
Watership Down
Animal Farm
Chronicle of Bury St. Edmunds (b/ Jocelin of Brakelond)
Last Orders
Life of Pi
The Iliad
Miss Wyoming
The Diviners
Catcher in the Rye
Des Rerum Natura (Lucretius)
The Divine Comedy
Jude The Obscure
Fathers and Sons (b. Turgenev)
Heart of Darkness & The Secret Sharer
Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy
Sons and Lovers
Two Solitudes
Afghanistan in Pictures
Terrorism in Pictures
Lyrical Ballads (Wordsworth and Coleridge)
38 Short Latin Stories
Angels in America: Millenium Approaches
The Early History of the English People (St. Bede)
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Great Expectations
The Chivalrous Society
The Murder of Charles The Good (b/ Galbert of Bruges)
A Clockwork Orange
An Introduction to Nichomachean Ethics (A bugger for the bottle)
Gorgias (I think…)
the God of Small Things
Beautiful Losers
The Favorite Game
The Book of Laughter and Forgetting
El Cid
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
The Red and The Black
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Driving Mr. Albert

Oh, and…Currently Reading:
The Virgin and the Gypsy
Steppenwolf (b/ Hesse)


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