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Crowns of Thorns

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i love crowns of thorns. not of biblical variety, but of the plant kind. euphorbia milii, to be exact.

i’ve got two crowns of thorns right now – an ill one back in st.catharines (currently being attended to by a dutch friend, so it won’t be ill much longer), and another crown of thorns with me here in halifax. this guy is one healthy little succulent, let me tell you. but its false flowers bloom the dullest green-yellow colour i have ever seen! dull because its the exact same colour as the leaves. now what fun is that? very little.

but… i have caught site of crowns that are indeed very fun. there are three rather hardy crowns of thorns planted in the halifax public gardens. they are about four feet away from the garden path, just beyond a bed of cabbage-like succulents, making it difficult to come up close to them. these guys bloom an amazing colour of red. i’m not too big on the red to tell you the truth – its a horrible contrast with the green – and would prefer my white one in the s-dot. but… there they are, waiting for me… all i need is one little clipping.. i’ve got an extra pot, some soil and rooting hormone for it. i’m all ready to go. just one little clipping, i tell you!

the way i see it, i require only three people to come in with me after dusk, or to even hop the fence after it closes. each one could stand ten or fifteen feet away, down the three respective paths, to keep watch on passers-by while i clip The Thorns. it would be preferable if we all have cell phones, or even a set of those new-fangled walkie-talkies, as promoted in american pie 2.

let me know if you’re interested in the crime. if we’re caught (which won’t happen), i’ll even let you be Peter and claim you know me not. I just need the look-out bodies on this one – i can do all the dirty work myself.


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July 9, 2002 at 10:53 pm

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